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drug offenses lawyer Columbus Ohio, criminal attorney

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The criminal procedure is divided into a stage of examination and investigation, followed by the PM, or the request for the procedure to be filed or the request for referral to trial. In the request for indictment through PM there is a preliminary trial before the judge called GUP, judge preliminary trial.

In such an area, the GUP will consider whether to subject the subject to a trial or to grant him the acquittal.

At the same time it is also possible to request different rites, such as the abbreviated sentence, with relative request. If the abbreviated procedure is chosen, the GUP will consider the outcome of the trial, whether to grant the absolution and determine a sentence.

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In the case in which a criminal conviction will be determined, a reduction can be made of the same with respect to the rite that has been chosen.

If, while, you do not choose for different rites, the GUP will consider whether to opt for the indictment or grant the acquittal.

It is in the preliminary process (before the first-level debate) that the outraged person can request to establish himself as a civil party to have his or her civil rights recognized in the criminal procedure.

Therefore, if the GUP opts for the indictment, that is to say, applies the procedure that prescribes the verdict, with respect to the crimes ascribing to the subject, the accused must receive defense before the Tribunal or that of the Assembly and, for the major offenses, at the Court of Assizes. Even after the preliminary trial the offended party can apply to be a civil party, and this from the beginning of the hearing in the first instance.

The description of the criminal proceedings is necessary to understand the issues, without an even more detailed assessment being made. I just wanted to make it clear at a general level about what the trial is about as a preliminary step, because all the other elements will be evaluated on the basis of specific problems that will require our lawyers to be assisted.

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The study, however, assures legal advice throughout Italy throughout the Italian territory in criminal proceedings, both as a defense lawyer for those who are accused, and as a defense lawyer for those who want to become a civil party (ie those who consider have suffered a crime).

For a real and fair counseling in criminal proceedings it is necessary to ensure protection already in the early stages of the trial, because already from that moment we can have results. If you have received a judicial injunction procedure or are involved in a trial as an injured party, contact us immediately. Call our criminal lawyer.

The lawyer s office defends its clients both for common crimes in our territory, and for cases of economic disruption, for environmental crimes, for crimes against the judicial administration or for homicide by public officials.

You can count on our help at any time and we will deal with your issues trying to calculate immediately and at a budget the cost of our services, plus we will give home assistance to companies and individuals who can not reach our Studio located in eu.