drug offenses lawyer Henderson Nevada, criminal attorney

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drug offenses lawyer Henderson Nevada, criminal attorney

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Lawyers working in the study offer their clients legal support in all areas of civil, criminal and administrative law. They operate from time-varying in the city of London-Rome, and provide for the resolution of disputes not only of private individuals, but also of the public administration (going autonomously, when there is a need, at the Structures and Bodies present in the capital.

Our law firm can therefore provide for any type of dispute concerning the working field, both in the competition phase (ousting) and in the employment contract, in fact there are numerous cases presented to the Courts of relevance (custody and cancellation of managerial roles, promotions, dismissals, disciplinary sanctions, assignment.) in all these sectors, our lawyers provide their expertise and legal ability, presenting themselves independently to all the institutions that have their headquarters in the city of Rome to obtain and make inquiries about the documentation necessary for the procedures to be put in place our customers are also assisted for the so-called transfer procedures for ordinary consultation, and so on) and all employees can be defended in disputes that follow the refusal of such requests.

The qualified experience of our lawyers can also be used by all those investigated or even accused, not only for the crimes foreseen by the penal code, but also for mediated crimes and convictions by the military peace code, since our experts from years dealing with criminal law in the military sector.

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The processes of Administrative Law are disposed to the Council of State on the various matters in which the judicial role is expressly provided for by law and where the validity ("precision") of the activity of the administrative department becomes questionable.

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One finds oneself in such circumstances if the Administration prescribes its choice within the administrative procedure and in the case in which the constitutional good of the subject is called into question with the aim that the Administration does not cross the boundaries of such faculty .

In matters pertaining only to the administrative court, the subjective right of the person is discussed (which is to occupy a level that is actually equal to the Administration) but rather against what is the public good.