drug offenses lawyer Indianapolis Indiana, criminal attorney

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drug offenses lawyer Indianapolis Indiana, criminal attorney

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Implementation of Criminal Law. The legal team offers its services at an affordable price and fixed on a preventive level with its clients, since the obligation of each lawyer is to solve the problems of his clients without adding others.

It often happens that the implementation of criminal law should also include intact people. Even a car accident, a quarrel with the neighborhood, a small change in their homes and even a glass of too much during a party can give rise to criminal proceedings.

The law firm has for some time been working in the criminal sector both on complex and voluntary circumstances and on conduct to conduct and less serious behaviors considered, however, by the law in force as a crime.

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The lawyer, also on an informative level, guarantees his consultancy in the case of family harassment, forms of stalking, corporate crimes related to the management of the company, robbery, illegal abduction, offense, outrage, taking into account any behavior that can be considered a crime.

Our study provides legal support in the criminal sector and in problems affecting the criminal process. The selective sectors in which the firm operates are the defense of the person subjected to preliminary investigations and the accused in the criminal proceedings, from the deposit information up to the final sentence and, under penalty, in the subsequent and other stages concerning the measures security and prison.

Great attention is given to the protection of the injured person s motives that can be sustained by our study until the complainant is drafted and, in a second phase, up to the establishment of a civil party to obtain damages.

The study also conducts legal activities for the resolution of criminal matters concerning business activities (corporate crimes, bankruptcy crimes, tax offenses, criminal offense of legal persons, crimes concerning workplace safety).

Great importance is always attributed, in the penal, to the "medical responsibility", a subject in which our lawyer now possesses a real specialization, in the defense of both the accused and of the outraged persons (the criminal defense of both the public institute is assured, both of the health and veterinary staff present in the same).

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The law firm provides extrajudicial and judicial assistance, and legal support in the various areas of civil law, specifically: property law (property assets, domestic, heritage and usucapione, superficial extension, loan for use, use and rent), union and condominium (recourse to procedures for assemblies, election and dismissal of managers, reimbursement of costs incurred by the condominium, interventions against condominiums in default, cost allocation and millesimal indexes), disputes with neighbors and relationships of any kind; right of inheritance (defense in succession and possible disputes between descendants, including succession divisions, assistance in drafting wills); family law (consensual and judicial separation, joint and judicial divorce, custody of minors); bonds and contractual underwriting, above all:

extrajudicial assistance (drafting and modification of contracts for sale and purchase, drafting and modifying lease contracts, for residential, commercial or other purposes, drafting and modifying other private certificates); judicial assistance for sale and acquisition, authorization and contract of work, leases (licenses for the termination of the lease, evictions due to the termination of the lease or due to delay, provisions for immovable authorization and eviction notice), loan for use, insurance sectors, consumers and e-commerce; civil, contractual and extra-contractual liability, damages:

R.C.A. and road accidents, direct compensation, material and physical damage to the subject (physical, psychological and moral damage, property damage), work accidents, work negligence, compensation for damages caused by ruined holidays and the tourist operator s fault; debt collection (ordinary judgment or appeal for payment order), procedures for the execution of furniture and real estate, expropriation by third parties, protests for enforcement and enforcement, foreclosures and urgent procedures.