drug offenses lawyer Jacksonville Florida, criminal attorney

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drug offenses lawyer Jacksonville Florida, criminal attorney

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The criminal proceedings are divided into three sections: the preliminary investigations, the preliminary process and the final verdict. With the term "in every degree and level of the criminal trial" a part of the criminal proceedings is highlighted in which the face of the proceedings concerning preliminary investigations is excluded.

The criminal proceeding concerns a specific judgment (as different from the ordinary one), extra-trial (since it precedes the part of the debate), of a reward nature (as it ensures different benefits for the offending / accused person) and is the effect of a request individual of the Public Prosecutor (it is not requested, but is only solicited, by the legal counsel and / or his client) who requests the application to the judge for preliminary investigations.

In fact, the criminal procedure of punishment is necessary to specify the criminal proceedings against the accused which differs from the other special procedures (such as negotiation, abbreviated and immediate rite) and from the usual one due to its evident instantaneousness and, for some characters, for the benefits that assures the client.

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The same rite, in fact, has the primary purpose of not being subjected to any type of process (both preliminary and trial) because the criminal conviction procedure is applied by the GIP at the request of the PM without any trial with respect to a possible investigation of the documents collected by the Public Prosecutor and obtained by the Public Prosecutor without any contradictory element with the accused.

In practice, the PM, after having learned of the crime and after having prepared the investigations, can decree to obtain from the GIP the application of the criminal conviction procedure (see separate chapter) instead of getting to work to proceed with the debate.

The same rite, therefore, is not only implemented without the accused or the legal counsel intervening; but also concluded without the parties concerned entering into a contradiction with the accusation.

The procedure has within it the sentence and sentence and is characterized by the summary level of the Judge s conscience (the GIP) that establishes it and has been set by law to achieve the maximum reduction of the overweight work of the judicial institutions. we can solve your problems with precision, like all civil and criminal law proceedings with experience in the family law field (cases of separation, divorces, juvenile law), in the field of damages, of leases and condominium, scope of the real rights (domestic, lights and views, regulation of the borders, vicinal road arteries, and so on) and also the sector that concerns the contracts, the recovery of the credits, the corporate and commercial law.

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