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drug offenses lawyer Kansas City Missouri, criminal attorney

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Our law firm, with the direct support of its owner, assures to its customers the legal support of highly qualified specialists who assure an efficient and effective assistance in the technical-legal field.

These services are mainly guaranteed through constant updating in the various subjects of jurisprudence, both in the civil-corporate and criminal-administrative sectors, in order to guarantee protection for the citizen and to see their fundamental rights recognized, as they are often subjected to rather oppressive regulations.

In this way, people who require legal support to the lawyer s study can rely on complete and comprehensive assistance, thanks to the legal support that is constantly offered on the phone, 24 hours a day.

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Our legal team focuses a lot on the needs of their clients whose rights are always recognized to find a correct solution to any kind of question. The sectors that are part of the activity of the study are: cause of Separation & Divorce. Causes of Separation - Consensual and Judicial, Mediation Activities, Constraints, Change of Constraints, Issues related to the homologation.

Causes of Divorce - consensual and judicial, modification of the constraints, processes, execution. Compensation for damages. Contractual responsibility. Contract breach, defect of the goods or services offered, delay in contractual execution, penal conditions, consumer defense activities. Responsibility in the work sector - responsibility in the health and parasanitary sector, responsibility in the notary sector, by an engineer, architect, accountant.

Responsibility in non-contractual matters. Health and personal injury, credit law, personal rights, right to the integrity of assets, responsibility in the public administrative sector, environmental pollution, noise, emissions, damages caused by minors, employers responsibility, damage to property preserved, damage from animals, damage from hazardous activities, damage from destruction of buildings.

Responsibility in the field of road accidents - material damage, physical damage such as permanent or temporary illness, death, moral damages, existential damage, damage to one s relationship, legal protection for survivors and successors.

Liability for damages deriving from a crime - violence, abuses, offense and slander, violation of the rules in the field of accidents at work, violation of traffic regulations, proceedings before the GP, civil partnerships, court call civil responsible.

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Credit Recovery. Contractual credit protection - contractual conditions against dangers deriving from missed payments, contractual specialties, compromise conditions, types of contracts, guarantees of credits, effective warranty rights, endorsement, surety. Debt collection in extrajudicial field - ritual arbitration, non-routine arbitration, mediation activities, - Alternative Disputes Resolutions - term of benefit - re-entry schedules - negotiations, out-of-court agreements.

Debt collection in the judicial field - court calls, appeals for injunctive procedures, appeals for urgent proceedings, confiscation, revocation operations, subrogation operations, executive (judicial and extrajudicial) securities in credit matters; bills, checks - confiscations of furniture and property, confiscations from third parties, precepts, foreclosures, transcripts, appeals.

Debt collection in bankruptcy proceedings - prior agreement, liens, revocation, insinuations to liabilities, bankruptcy litigation, pre-bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy bonds.