drug offenses lawyer Las Vegas Nevada, criminal attorney

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drug offenses lawyer Las Vegas Nevada, criminal attorney

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-The Firm carries out its work and offers its expertise especially in the field of criminal law of commerce, both judicially and extrajudicial. It therefore deals with the known offenses of white-collar workers, corporate crimes, in the field of finance, banking and bankruptcy, environmental crimes, intellectual property and related rights, offenses against public administration bodies, crimes of malice and medical professional responsibility.

The study cooperates with numerous specialized studies throughout the national territory and also in other countries (United States, Switzerland, England, France).

He is a member of the asm in our country. The perfect knowledge of the English legal language (and of the French and Portuguese) ensures an adequate advisory function also to non-Italian people who need to find solutions to issues related to national criminal legislation or cases that presume the application of criminal law real and process.

The members of the Firm and their collaborators have performed and still perform the role of speakers in various meetings concerning intellectual property, the anti-accident legislation, the liability of legal persons at administrative level (Legislative Decree 231/2001), crimes in the corporate area and offenses against public administration bodies.

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The members of the firm were and still are teachers in the schools of specialization for the legal activity. In addition to making use of the members skills, the firm collaborates with five lawyers and other trainee collaborators. The lawyer deals mainly with criminal law and accidents, with specific attention to road accidents and related judicial and out-of-court actions concerning personal damage analyzed on all the profiles linked to the reimbursement.

It grants its services to famous national and multinational companies as well as to private individuals. He is particularly attentive to legal problems related to foreigners, he is registered in the lists of lawyers legitimated to the patronage paid by the State in the criminal field and in that of the official sponsors.

The jurisprudential sector is very broad and complex, therefore many lawyers decide to specialize in a specific legal branch, so as to be able to grant clients complete and qualified services following important training procedures and specific experience in the chosen branch.

For example, doctors who specialize in the field of Ophthalmology, Surgery, Orthopedics, etc., lawyers specialize in criminal, civil, administrative, etc. It is illogical to go to an Orthopedist if you have a complication in the eyes; in the same way, if you want to find a solution to a criminal problem, it is clearly advisable to contact a criminal lawyer, specialized and expert in criminal matters, instead of contacting a qualified lawyer with specific experience, for example, in civil matters .