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drug offenses lawyer Mesa Arizona, criminal attorney

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Criminal areas of credit - fraud, fraudulent circumstance of default, embezzlement, false accounting, bankruptcy, tax fraud. Property and Ownership. Actual rights, usucapioni, servitude, communion of assets and condominium actions, defense of property and possession, confiscations of furniture and buildings.

Leases. Drafting of contracts, evictions, licenses for termination, consulting. Bonds and contracts. Drafting of typical and atypical contracts, consulting, compliance actions, revocation actions, cancellation and termination of the contract. Bankruptcy sector. Drafting of applications for the declaration of bankruptcy, insinuations to the passive, appeal to bankruptcy petitions.

Heredity. Divisone of inheritance, delimitation action to protect the legitimate, support of Volunteer Jurisdiction. Supporting administrator, interdictions, incapacitation.

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Labor law. Collective bargaining. Support in union transactions. Consideration and application of national collective labor agreements. Work disputes. Support in individual and / or collective disputes at the Provincial Labor Directorate and judicial protection.

Legal support for appeals to the cih both at an ordinary and extraordinary level. Support in disputes after staff adaptation procedure. Constitution, administration and termination of employment.

Social shock absorbers. Discipline of the norm, contractual and social prevention of managers and representatives. Road traffic. Violations of the highway code, appeals to the Prefect or Justice of the Peace, appeals to tax assessments.

In the circumstance in which you are warned of an interrogation, you have obtained a notice of guarantee, or you have become aware of the term of the preliminary investigations ex art. 415 bis of the Italian Civil Code, for the indictment of the issuing of a criminal conviction procedure, ie in the circumstance in which the implementation of precautionary measures is prescribed, the appointment of a qualified penalty is necessary.

The Warranty Notice is, therefore, a written notice by the Public Ministry, whose purpose is to guarantee the right of defense of the person investigated. With this procedure, in fact, the Public Prosecutor informs the investigated person that investigations have been carried out against him in connection with a circumstance that is considered a crime for our legislation.

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With this, the law recognizes a guarantee to the investigated person who is about to become a defendant and informs him of the fact that the PM is going to provide a criminal level against him, so as to find a legal counsel before starting the possible trial in in order to be able to provide for the presentation of all required documents, to be questioned or to request that other investigations be carried out.

With the criminal conviction procedure, provided for by art.459 c.p.p., a special provision is initiated. With the procedure by decree, both the preliminary process and the debate phase are overcome.

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The PM, after having carried out the preliminary investigations, in the circumstance in which it only prescribes the application of a penalty at the pecuniary level, can ask the Judge of Preliminary Investigations (GIP) the application of a criminal conviction. The GIP can accept such a request or not grant it.

The provision issued is notified to the sentenced person and to his / her Defender. The precautionary measures are implemented by the judge, before applying a sentence or dissolving it. Moreover, they are foreseen only upon acceptance by the PM, who has the duty to send to the relevant judge the evidence on which the request was based.

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Any person may be subject to such a procedure only in circumstances where there is serious evidence of guilt, or when there is no reason to justify what has been done, without the existence of circumstances requiring extinction. of the crime or punishment that is applied. The precautionary measures are divided into: personal and real.

The personal ones involve for the subject involved a delimitation of their personal freedom (coercive measures), or even a reduction in the exercise of their legal rights (interdiction measures); the real ones affect the patrimonial situation determining the impossibility to dispose of goods and objects.