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drug offenses lawyer Nashville Tennessee, criminal attorney

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If you need legal assistance in the private sector, for matters of family, succession, corporate actions or contracts, contact the Law Firm and you will find very experienced lawyers able to grant you the support you need.

The civilians of the study that is located in the city center, thanks also to the collaboration of competent external experts, will try to resolve the disputes in the various areas of intervention. You can therefore contact the Associated Law Firm for any problem of interpretation and execution of the Civil Code and the Special Laws for:

Family and Minors Law, as matters relating to succession, marriage, separation or divorce; Commercial law and corporate actions, such as the establishment of new corporate bodies, bankruptcy management and related agreements; liability in civil and claims, as well as insurance law and compensation for injuries.

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The Studio Associato is based in the city center, and operates both for individuals and for associations of people, companies or companies, providing judicial and extrajudicial consultancy in all areas of private and administrative law.

Contact the studio as soon as possible to set up an interview and you will find that it is much easier to find a solution to disputes with the help of expert specialists!

The experts work in the Studio; lawyers, specialists in the workplace and specialized professionals, always up to date on new legislation and decrees. Specialized in private law and administration, the firm also gives advice in commercial and judicial law.

The Firm guarantees its customers the assistance and collaboration of an expert and correct civil and administrative lawyer.

The members of the Firm have a solid experience in the various areas of specialization, which makes them a point of reference for those who, private individuals or companies, need advice and continuous and specialized assistance.

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Private law: the lawyer s activity requires, at the moment, important knowledge in both private and criminal and administrative legal matters, in many cases linked to each other.

The civil lawyer, in particular, deals with questions related to the family unit, succession, contracts, execution or explanation of the provisions of the Civil Code and in special measures. There are also different specializations in this area: corporate, condominium, the process of divorce, succession and so on.

There is therefore not a precise quantity of specializations for legal action in private law, but there are numerous qualifications as there are questions related to current jurisprudence. The qualifications of the firm:

The Law Firm, thanks to the many specializations of the lawyers who work there, is able to offer valid and specialized services for all customers, according to their needs or problems, with an action of assistance and advice as, for example: commercial and corporate law; right of administration; public authorizations; building and urban planning; tax law; labor law; family law; judicial and arbitration proceedings; succession and property law, insolvency procedures.

The civilian, in particular, deals with matters relating to the family unit, succession, companies, contracts and in general all the problems related to the execution and explanation of rules included in the civil code and in special laws.

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Today s needs have led to a specialization of legal work in various areas of law (as happens to the divorce lawyer, the lawyer qualified in company law, the lawyer expert of condominium, lawyer specializing in succession law, etc. ).

In particular, the lawyer expert in corporate law is aware of those problems relating to companies in general and the disputes of members, institutions, unions and disputes relating to the resolution phase of these legal entities (in the board of directors, in the board) of the board of directors, with regard to the functions of the managers and other bodies of the company); the lawyer qualified in condominium law deals, in particular, with disputes arising in the context of the condominium (division of condominium expenses, use of the solar paving, heavy or secondary renovations, arrangement of the heating or lift system, percentages millesimals etc.)