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drug offenses lawyer Philadelphia Pennsylvania, attorney

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The lawyer specializes in criminal law, but works with skill in every branch of law, thanks to a solid expertise in the legal branch performed for over thirty years.

He is a very qualified lawyer, and he has also performed judicial functions for eleven years, marking his university training course in an intelligent way. He then faced several debates with positive results, dealing with the most disparate problems and testing his legal capacity in a flexible and operational manner.

He supported and assisted the women who, after the maternity period, were replaced in the workplace by other subjects and charged with performing useless and mediocre functions; department managers who are no longer appreciated for their functions and without having adequate roles to coordinate; employees expelled and forced to work unacceptable for demanding greater protection; working women (but also men) who, for not accepting the director s proposals, have been forced to perform humiliating roles ...

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In many cases, the professional context can become a terrible place because of the inadequate conduct of colleagues or the employer.

Those who suffer at work for frequent conduct included in the cases of "mobbing" are obliged to protest instead of waiting for such mistreatment - almost in all cases carried out according to the idea that the worker can bear them in the fear of losing their job - provoke injuries in the personal and family sphere, as in many cases it happens producing tremendous consequences, claiming the rapid end with a valid complaint against his employer, in the most complex circumstances, demanding the action of the judges.

If there are no bodily abuses, sexual abuse is nevertheless a malaise on the mental, risky, hypocritical, permanent and mostly indirect level that damages the personal dignity of the weaker subjects, such as women and minors.

Who suffers a maltreatment as a rule is not able to protect the preliminary, sudden attack: the lack of response contributes to the continuation of the maltreatment from which to exit is increasingly difficult, especially if the subject has the fear of not being protected in legal terms and evidence of guilt or illness.

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In this way the subject is very subjected to depression, constant states of anxiety and tension, insomnia, continuous migraine and to various physical and menatical disorders that weigh on the work, training, social, family and emotional status.

The current legislation protects those who suffer sexual abuse because any act that damages even a small part of the sexual sphere of neighbor constitutes an infringement of criminal relevance. Requesting a warning and demanding a quick preliminary action of the judiciary, the victim activates his defensive action with the possibility of being able to get compensation for the injuries he has had.