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drug offenses lawyer Phoenix Arizona, criminal attorney

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The worst conditions that can happen are those connected to the sphere of the family, considered a field of affection and maximum confidence, in which abuse, abuse, intimidation, abuse and blackmail often take place.

This phenomenon is called Stalking. Even when you want to react to such circumstances, it may happen that the victims are blackmailed by classmates or co-workers, from repeated messages and calls, from voicemail or e-mail messages, from tracking, from espionage interventions under their own residence or in places frequented by it, until the implementation of more incorrect conduct such as directing food or other goods to the same residence, even at night, or even blocking utilities such as electricity or the prepaid banking card.

To date, thanks to various interventions and a continuous interest in the cases of family abuse and stalking, the legislation allows to guarantee protection and support fast and efficient.

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There is no need to doubt and request such interventions immediately, before an irreparable state can be reached for both the injured party and the person supporting it.

Men, girls, boys, retired people, disabled people, people with physical or psychological disability, alcoholics or drug addicts, dying, homeless, homeless, homosexual: there is a relationship that binds this different universe of people who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances and they live in our society.

This precarious circumstance, however, must not allow such persons to be restricted from having their rights recognized as being demanded of them, at the workplace, at school, in the family, in the recreational and sports fields; at the same time we must not think that we do not have the tools to receive complete protection.

The law currently protects such weak categories, allows to break down the barriers that arise with the concrete desire to put into practice their fundamental rights, not to allow any form of discrimination, abuse, outrage, abuse and subordination.

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Since I deal with such a discipline of law, I try primarily to ensure respect for this sector an effective defense to the weakest, especially to help those people who unfortunately suffer in difficult circumstances to see their rights recognized:

subjects who suffered abuse due to medical negligence, sexual abuse, accidents for road accidents, injured or mobbing workers, disabled persons, non-autonomous and abandoned people, families who live in difficult relationships ...

My goal is therefore to make sure that all people trusting in my study can get justice, trying to examine their case carefully and to pay attention to any request made.

The defense activity carried out by my studio also coincides with a real constant relationship with the client: until the same has clearly presented his problem and highlighted those that are his desires, until it will be supported carefully, no important decision will be made.

Also, I also proceeded to register in the registers of the state spending, both civil and criminal, so as to remove all the barriers that would not allow me to give real help to those people who were in particularly serious financial circumstances.

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If you want to receive information at a preliminary level with regard to the legal procedures to be put into practice, do not waste time and provide to get in touch with my office or by email, or by phone or by filling out the form.