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-Fremont California Pasadena CA Las Vegas NV Garden Grove California Aurora Colorado SEPARATION - DIVORCE. The "ORIENTATION MEETING" In many cases, many customers, before choosing to separate in a definitive way, fix an orientation interview, to understand the basic national laws regarding separation and to understand how they must operate.

This concrete choice demonstrates its efficiency, as it allows to face with greater calm the stage - in any case traumatic - of the separation.

An interview with a lawyer, who can also be planned by both spouses, allows the parties to adequately cope with this procedure, thanks to the constant assistance of an expert who usually deals with these practices.

The orientation interview, which by its nature refers to the duration of the separation procedure, is however imprudent if the recession of the couple is irremediable. In such a situation every day of postponement could complicate the future management of the practice, as the feelings of tension and resentment between the spouses would violently surface. 2) Forced to SUSTAIN SEPARATION takes place in an agreed manner.

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The agreed separation is certainly the most appropriate procedure for resolving marital issues. It takes place in the event that the spouses, facilitated by the lawyer, reach an agreement concerning the rules of separation, without relying on the decisions of the judge.

It has enormous advantages over the judicial separation procedure (or "contradictory") and in particular: - implies much lower costs - lasts only a few weeks - the situation between the parties remains rather quiet - the spouses can autonomously regulate all the elements of separation without being subjected to the prescriptions of a third party (the judge) who in many cases does not satisfy any of the consorts - children, especially children, face the trauma more easily.

The judicial separation procedure, on the other hand, is a real cause and as such can last several years and entail high costs.

It also causes a significant aggravation of interpersonal relationships, with the obvious consequences on the children. It should therefore only be undertaken in difficult cases and after the failure of conciliation attempts. 3) Only a lawyer can suffice ...

If the spouses have chosen by mutual consent the separation is advisable to apply, from the first interview, a single lawyer. In this way the duration of the procedure is even lower and the costs decrease a lot.

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The lawyer, in this case, will be the consultant of both spouses and will lead them to the most appropriate solutions (always agreed) for the regulation of patrimonial relationships and not.4) ... BUT we need a specialist in this field.

Given the specificity of the subject it is better to contact a qualified lawyer in family law. The conduct of these practices, in fact, in addition to providing specific knowledge, requires a lot of attention from the expert, who in particular in the early stages must be able to give a support even psychic to the patient or the couple. 5) Do not rely on the advice of relatives and comrades and do not act independently.

In many cases relatives and comrades, who may have already faced a phase like this, have a lot to do with their own ideas about the couple being separated. It is not nice to say this but this practice, although there are the best intentions, is completely harmful and causes even heavy disadvantages, as the spouses refer to completely wrong suggestions.

It is necessary to consider that each case of separation has a specific background that makes it totally exclusive; it is therefore a serious mistake to base oneself on other situations because in every relationship so many elements (income, property, children, health conditions, insolvency, etc.) must be analyzed that the discipline that will result will be exclusively forceful.

To avoid even the "do-it-yourself", that is to say the tormented analysis of the issue with the examination of articles found on the internet.

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In this case too, in fact, there is a risk of deluding oneself or, on the contrary, being tormented by problems that do not exist. The most appropriate way to react, therefore, is to ask the legal counsel for assistance for explanations; he, after examining all the actual qualities of the case, will be able to explain to you his solution and to clarify every factor to the patient.

At most, before the interview, a brief reading of articles 143 and following of the Civil Code may be useful.6) Do not break the marriage burdens until the separation phase.