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drug offenses lawyer Seattle Washington, criminal attorney

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The study with offices in Italy and all over the world. He has developed important skills in civil law with specific attention to family law, individual and minors.

In particular, over the years, with over five thousand lawsuits and over twenty thousand extrajudicial consultancy opinions, it has acquired a fundamental and unique experience in these matters: custody of minors, assignment and distribution of family residence, right of access for parents and family, determination of living conditions, subdivision of assets, constitution of cartels.

The Study examined the reforms and the discordant factors of jurisprudence, in terms of separation and divorce procedures, also contributing to its development.

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In their day-to-day activities, lawyers write opinions and grant support, even on a stable basis, on all matters relating to the family, in fact, marital, homosexual, before and during its institution and, clearly, in the complex stage of separation.

Our firm grants legal opinions in the various branches of civil law, with specific attention to family law, individual and minors. Issues: marriage agreements, Separation, Divorce, non-suitability / marriage annulment Protection, family visits, acts of protection / division from the consort and / or the child, family Mobbing, Stalking, legal regulations of the patrimony, family ), pre-established regulation of family assets (division of assets, heritage fund, conventional bond), cartels, family firms, mixed marriages, registration of foreign marriage unions and their validity, fast divorces, asset structure, international family unit, structure subjective, international family unit, foster care and relationships with minor children, Kidnapping (international child abduction), international adoption procedures, international substitutions, trusts, patrimonial and couple relationships, natural child protection (foster care - disposition - relationships also with family members) family residence (conferment - distribution), child support nat ural, identifying natural children (equating the natural child with the legitimate child) admission and not identifying natural children, wills for the benefit of the natural child, protection and removal of the cohabitant and / or child, pacts of common life more uxorio, agreements cohabitation, testament, patrimonial relations between cohabitants, patrimonial assignments for the benefit of the homosexual couple, Stalking, act of protection and removal of the cohabitant, modifications of sex, custody - placement - visit minor children (legitimate - natural - adoption) individuation \ denial natural children, natural children validation, protection \ child support, national and international adoption procedures, parental power (limitation - degradation), defense and assistance, admission of minor underage rights, minor exile discipline, (acceptance and invalidation of passport ), representation and administration of minor assets ni, donation for minors, legacy for the minor; conferment / invalidation of passports, supervision of separation and / or divorce agreements, safeguarding of the minor s property, protection of the minor, investiture and control responsible for assistance, protection of vulnerable people of the family, protection of minors without parents, appointment of person responsible for assistance with physical and / or mental illnesses, signed Testament, private testament, public testament, biological testament, acceptance of inherited property, natural heirs, family pact, trusts, judicial measures.