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Our study deals with: support for obtaining Italian citizenship for those born of Italian citizens; advice and support in the presentation of birth and marriage certificates of Italian ancestors throughout the EU; support for the forwarding of certificates to achieve the premise of residence, residence and Italian citizenship; support in finding a place with which to apply for residency; advice to its clients in state institutions for the presentation of residence applications and Italian citizenship; legal advice and support to register birth certificates and marriage certificates in the lists of the Civil Status; support for obtaining an Italian passport; For those born of Italian mother class 1948 we take legal action against the Italian State to obtain citizenship or to obtain it again. Right to citizenship.

The right to Italian citizenship as a person born of an Italian subject is prescribed by our law if the descendants are from the Italian emigrant up to the person involved in the male gender. If the Italian emigrant is a woman, or if there is a woman as a descendant, Italian citizenship is granted only to the children who came after 01/01/1948.

In these cases it is possible to obtain Italian citizenship in Italy only if the applicant person has residence in a Municipality of our State.

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If the Italian emigrant is a woman, or if there is a woman as a descendant, the children who had before 01/01/1948 may appeal with our state to obtain citizenship by judicial procedure.

Even if the law in force is necessary, for the Municipality of Bo there is no need for death certificates.

In the circumstance in which the Italian emigrant is the great-grandfather of the person involved, it is necessary to request the birth extract of the Italian great-grandfather, a negative certificate of naturalization of the Italian emigrant, the birth certificate, the grandfather s marriage certificate, the birth certificate and the marriage certificate of one of the two parents, with respect to the lineage, the birth certificate of the requesting person, with a special translation and granting of all the certificates, which can only happen through the Italian consulate of own state.

Furthermore, Italian citizenship can be achieved by entering Italy as a tourist, or by a visa for study or work reasons.

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This can not be done if the person has a work or study visa that has expired, or if 90 days have passed as a tourist in the countries in which the Schengen Treaty is in force.

The Italian and the one born of an Italian citizen can pass the right of citizenship to their children only when in our state the Constitution was introduced, that is from 1-1-1948. In the circumstance in which the Italian married a foreigner before 1948, she automatically lost Italian citizenship, and could not pass it on to her own offspring.