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drug offenses lawyer Tulsa Oklahoma, criminal attorney

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Divorce Procedure in the US and I entrust the International of Minors. Private International Law is the set of laws with which the real right can be defined if a specific dispute is connected to the legislation of other States, such as the causes of Family Law between subjects residing in different States.

In the US, the legislation on divorce is different from that in our country that. In the states of New York and New Jersey, not having a minimum period necessary for the judicial separation procedure, the spouses can move to divorce in a few months.

Many people are unaware that divorce can proceed in other countries, even if the marriage was in our state. Divorce achieved in other countries also applies to us.

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Starting the divorce procedure in the US could be much more advisable than waiting for a divorce verdict in our country for 4 or 5 years. In the US, divorce can be made even in the absence of the other spouse s agreement, and even if the other spouse is in our country.

The main criterion for requesting a divorce from a US court is to have stayed in the state for a certain period of time.

Nonetheless, although a US court can announce the breakup of a marital union, in general it has no judicial power over issues related to the subsistence allowance and the sharing of shared assets present abroad, or even outside the judicial power of the judging college. A different thing is the case in which there are minor children.

The general principle is that a US judicial panel can handle child custody procedures, provided that the minor resides in the county of the court.

The Law Firm, with offices in London - New York City and New Jersey, provides legal support in all aspects of International Family Law, including agreed divorce procedures, emergency decrees against international deduction of minors, livelihood subsidy minors with residence in other countries, and admission to the United States of verdicts issued by Italian judges.

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Our lawyers for over 12 years are experts in civil proceedings at the judicial colleges of New York and New Jersey.